Bloody is an emo clooosed off vampire who unlike Chris likes sucking blood!


Bloody likes devouring blood from the living flesh and hates weak cowards. He is very closed off and  very creepy he doesn't hardly ever talk much around others. The only people Bloody is friendly around is Scraps,Candy,Pumpkin aka  The Livin Dead Group.


He has dark reddish black hair, blood red  eyes, and wears a black shirt with bloody heart on it.


He hides his feelings about Scraps because he actually has a crush on her

Once he ate Candy's hair because it taste like candy

He mistakened  blood soda for  bone brew once then he spit it out and vomittd across the floor


He has a bat with orange button eyes.


An abondned hideout


In the darkness rremains the cruelest of lalaloopsy exsistence in this bitter place I have found out the truthBold text