These are all the rules and guidelines of the Lalaloopsy Fanon Wiki. Because, even though it's fanon, it has rules:


Rule 1: ABSOLUTELY no vandalism. This includes page blanking, adding nonsense or gibberish into pages, spamming with multiple pictures, and reversing edits that were helpful. For vandalism, you'll recieve 3 warnings and then will be blocked. If you need an idea on what vandalism means and/or includes, please visit this Example page.

Rule 2: No edit-warring. If someone has reversed an edit of yours you think is helpful, please contact an admin, but don't go into warfare over it. It's unproductive and generally useless.

Rule 3: No content inaproppriate for anyone under 10 (this includes swear words). 

Rule 4: Be polite. If someone is being mean to you, ignore them, but if it goes on or gets extreme (like death threats), please contact an admin and mention the person's exact username, everything they said to you, and where they said it (your user page, the chat feature, a wiki page, etc.).

Rule 5: Don't give out any personal information. This includes your phone number, home address, school, or otherwise.

Rule 6: Don't feed the trolls. One way to do this is not to call them trolls and ignore them. They usually do their wrongdoings to get a reaction from the unsuspecting wiki member. Don't be that wiki member, be alert of trolls. 


  • When making a fanon character, please try to make a pet for him/her, and vice versa. Even though it's for fans, it shouldn't be cluttered.
  • Please don't use any Heading 5 on your pages. It's distracting, insignificant, and flat-out hard to read.
  • When posting blogs about anything, don't say "I'll put the next blog up after X amount of comments". It's unproductive and usually encourages spam and off-topic chat.
  • No excessive toilet humor. It's unappealing, immature, and stupid-sounding. Can't we all just be mature?

And lastly, the most important rule of all:

Be silly and have fun!