This page is about the meaning of "faith" in editing and what is bad or good faith. 

What does "faith" mean in this sense?

Faith means the purpose that you edit for. Editing just to break the rules is bad faith, while editing the wiki to actually inprove things and add to the fandom is good faith. 

Examples of Good Faith

  • Correcting spelling and grammar errors
  • Adding new pages and expanding old ones
  • Giving non-harsh critique 

Examples of Bad Faith

  • Vandalizing 
  • Giving harsh or troll-like critique
  • Trolling new members or administrators
  • Adding poor spelling or grammar intentionally (some leniency for non-English speakers 

When a Bad Edit Is Made in Good Faith

Sometimes new members will make bad edits, but in good faith. If this happens, remind the user in question what is good and what isn't. Please note that you may have leniency ONLY on new members. If the member says it was in good faith, be sure to determine what user bracket he/she's in to determine whether or not he/she's telling the truth. If user has been with this wiki an average or long time, be suspicious.